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About Alkaline Water


  • The testimonials are beyond fantastic: significant weight loss, allergy relief, arthritis relief, improved bowel regularity, increased energy, advanced hydration of cells and skin, improved digestion, reduced cholesterol, and overall better health. Ionized alkaline water is full of anti-oxidants. This water provides better oxygenation directly to the blood stream and allows optimum cleansing and detoxification.
  • Detoxification: Flushes acidic waste products from the body. Gently cleanses at a deep cellular level.
  • Hydration: Three to five times as effective as regular water with bio-available electrolytes.
  • Absorption: Allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently.
  • Anti-oxidant: Electron charged water helps control free radical activity.
  • Improved Taste and Purity: Your body will crave more water. You and your family will enjoy drinking more water.
  • Increased Energy: Feel the difference usually within a few days.
  • Improved Digestion: As you digest and assimilate your food better, health improves, energy levels increase, weight sheds away and life becomes more enjoyable.Ongoing health does not occur by chance. It’s something you have to build upon and work at maintaining. Most people are poorly educated in the process of maintaining health and promoting natural weight loss. We are socialized and brainwashed through a lifetime of expensive media and misinformation. Most of us respond to our desires for instant satisfaction and taste sensations, often oblivious to the physical outcome. Indulgence in sweets, fatty foods, alcohol, sodas, cigarettes and a host of other highly refined, highly acid producing substances will tear down your natural defenses and deplete your nutritional and base reserves. In order to help your body to maintain an optimum balance of health and energy, it needs to be fed the right ingredients.With alkaline water, rich in OH- Hydroxide molecules (including beneficial negative ions), and active oxygen, finally there is something that you can do to make a significantly positive difference in your health. It’s easy, painless, it tastes good and your body can not live without it. In fact, your body is dying to be properly rehydrated with this water.Alkaline Ionized Water is a smooth, energizing, cleansing and great tasting water that has a combination of unique characteristics. This micro water Possesses unparalleled absorption and hydrating abilities. Rich in alkalizing minerals, Micro-water aids in buffering the negative effects of over acidic health conditions. With an abundance of available electrons, alkaline ionized water renders cell-destroying free radicals harmless.

Acidic Water is ideal for external use. It is an astringent water that is excellent for your skin. It’s slight bleaching, constrictive and oxidizing characteristics are perfect for cleansing, washing and a variety of topical applications.

Why Alkaline Water vs Acidic Water and What’s The Difference?

Acidic foods, acidic water, acidic beverages and an acid producing lifestyle contributes to a wide range of illnesses. Excess acid in the body and blood stream leads to a build-up of mineral deposits in the joints and arteries, resulting in a restricted range of motion and eventually arthritis, other degenerative diseases, and inflammation. The human organism operates at peak efficiency when the pH of the blood is slightly alkaline with a pH of 7.365 (on a scale of 1-14, with 1 being pure acid, 7 being neutral and 14 pure alkaline). At this concentration, your cells will thrive. By following a diet of primarily alkaline foods, by drinking alkaline water and by modifying your lifestyle to avoid acid producing activities (smoking, drinking alcohol and negative emotions are all acid producing), you can begin to detoxify your body, removing the excess proteins and acid wastes, which create inflammation and degenerative changes. A primarily alkaline environment within the body also helps with weight loss and is a good remedy for countless ailments.

When foods oxidize in your body, they leave a residue or ash that is composed of various minerals. If the minerals are primarily sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, these foods are considered alkaline. The same goes for the dissolved minerals in water. Water can be either acidic or alkaline. If the residue from food or water is primarily sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and incombustible organic acid radicals, then acidic condition results. Jupiter water ionizers work to separate the water into approximately 70% alkaline water and 30% acid water. Use the alkaline water internally and use the acid water externally.

Energy is the byproduct of the foods we eat. The body oxidizes or burns up foods to release nutrients. The wastes are predominately acidic. When your body cannot get rid of all the acidic wastes it produces, they become stored somewhere in your body. This accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes builds up in your tissues, joints, fat, urine, and blood. Acidic wastes accelerate the aging process of the human body. Some examples of solidified acidic wastes are cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid, kidney stones, gallstones, urates, sulfates, and phosphates. Ionized alkaline water helps to rid the body of acidic wastes.


Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water:

A simple, effective and readily available way to neutralize and get these acid wastes out of the body is to drink alkaline water. Discover why alkaline water has helped so many people with so many ailments. Now with the advancements of water purification technology by Jupiter Science you can benefit from not only alkaline water but from infrared charged, ion-rich, alkaline water with coral calcium and magnesium. This outstanding blend of technologies is revolutionizing the way people are getting healthy; and by simply drinking better water. What could be easier by drinking plenty of purified alkaline water you can hasten the cleansing process and assist in the elimination of acids and toxins from the body.The urine is made up of water and uric acid, which contains urea.
Alkaline Water Benefits:

  • Fluid replacement promotes optimal physical performance.
  • Electrolyzed-reduced water scavenges active oxygen & protects DNA from oxidation damage.
  • Declines in blood sugar level’s in diabetic patients.
  • Improvements in liver function exams in hepatic disorders.
  • Improvements in gastrointestinal ulcer and prevention of their recurrences.
  • Improvements in allergic disorders such as asthma, urticaria, rhinitis and atopic dermatitis.
  • Improvements in hypertension and hypotension.
  •  Alkaline ionized water was regarded to be effective for improvements of parthenogenesis under the conditions of insufficient calcium.
  • Improvements in serum bilirubin level’s in newborn babies.

Ionized water suppressed the growth of cancer cells transplanted into mice, demonstrating their anti-cancer effects.

Acid Water Uses (Externally):

  • Inactivation of Escherichia coli and Listeria on plastic kitchen cutting boards by electrolyzed oxidizing water.
  • Reductions between 91.1% and 99.8% in the bacterial load of treated alfalfa sprouts.
  • Foodborne pathogens can be reduced by electrolyzed oxidizing water.
  • Electrolyzed oxidizing water may be a useful disinfectant for hospital infections.
  • Effect of electrolyzed oxidizing water and hydro-colloid occlusive dressings on excised burn-wounds.
  • Electrolyzed anode water markedly extended the vase life of cut carnation flowers.
  • Ionized water will be applicable to not only medicine but also food, agriculture, and manufacturing industries.

Is it really possible to ‘Reverse Aging’? Judge for yourself! Wouldn’t you like to feel better, have more energy, reduce or eliminate joint pain and enjoy life more?

Acid overload is an epidemic that has circled the globe and now we have the knowledge and the technology to do something about it. Sure it is a good idea to change your diet and eat more alkaline foods and avoid acidic producing foods, but this is not convenient for most people.
Drinking the right water is like getting on the fast track to wellness.
This is something most people can do every day without missing a beat. Take charge of you and your families health and get the world’s best alkaline water purifier by Jupiter Science.

Ionized water systems have been used in Japan for over 12 years. Currently, more than 10% of Japanese households have alkaline ionized water systems. It’s no wonder that they rate as the healthiest nation on the planet! Jupiter’s ionized water has superior hydrating qualitiesMicrowater is ideal for reaching the cells of the body and as a delivery transport system for the health-enhancing free radical scavenging electrons.



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